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Crisis Assistance MinistryHousing & Financial Stability, Crisis Assistance Ministry

500-A Spratt St.
Charlotte, NC 28206
(704) 371-3001
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Offers assistance with rent and utility payments and gives customers the tools they need to become financially stable.
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Mecklenburg residents in financial crisis
Documents To Bring:
All assistance is done in-person at Crisis Assistance office at 500A Spratt Street. Clients are NOT served on a first come first served basis. Clients with the most urgent needs are served first. An emergency can be someone who is facing eviction that day or has already been evicted.

Need to bring the following:
*Picture ID for the applying client
*Social Security documentation for all household members: social security card, documentation from the Social Security Administration verifying social security number, W2 form from an employer or paystub indicating the nine digit social security number, or W7 if applicable. If you are not registered with the Social Security Administration you are required to provide some form of identification.
*Proof of all household income for the past 30 days. Clients who are paid every week are required to present four current paystubs. Clients who are paid bi-weekly are required to present two current paystubs, and clients who are paid monthly are required to bring one current paystub. Clients who receive unemployment, SSI or SSA, VA Pension, Retirement Pension, Child Support, Disability, and/or income from family or friends are required to present a statement of income verification. Clients who are self-employed are required to present income verification.
*All disconnection and past due utility statements. These should be in the applying clients name and that person must reside in the household.
*Rental lease.